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Your Gateway to the Artist


Are you looking for a unique piece of art for use in your projects?

Perhaps you want a fabric design for your uniforms or to print on a range of manchester.

Or maybe you are looking for art for stationery, a range of greeting cards or ceramics.


The use of these artworks is limited only by your imagination. Here you can purchase the worldwide Exclusive Rights to the images and you can then use them in any way you like.  In some cases, you can even purchase the original artwork for display in your place of business. Please contact us for full details.


Robyn would like to thank Sharon Davson from Davson Art Museum for the opportunity of a Middle East travelling exhibition opportunity for our Artist Members.






Just click on the banner above to view more artworks from your selected artist. 

This award-winning wine pack is a great example of the ways in which these artworks may be used. This design won the Bronze Medal in the Print Pak Awards in 1997. Painting by Robyn Caughlan.


August 2015



The advert which appeared in Living the Dream Edition 3 2014-2015.


During 2015, a number of our artists' works have been featured in exhibitions curated by Robyn Caughlan. 

November - December 2014

Many of our many of our artists exhibited at the Norman Lindsay Cafe in Faulconbridge.  Norman Lindsay Gallery is a popular tourist destination so this was great exposure for them. Congratulations to Christine St Fleur who sold a painting on the first day of the exhibition!


August 11th

Holroyd City Council will be holding an exhibition with the theme of Together We Can. Many of our artists are contributing exciting new artworks for this month-long exhibition. 


We have some great new artists coming on board so check back soon to view their portfolios. 


July 9th

Article in the Blue Mountains Gazette.


July 4th

Article in the Penrith Press.


June 19th

We are excited to announce that, just two months since commencing the Licensing Art Program, artist Vicki Caughlan has signed a licensing agreement with a fashion designer.  Vicki's artpiece "Forever Peace" was selected from  Her art piece will be printed on fabric, manufactured into fashion designs and distributed through retail stores.  Congratulations, Vicki!


June 10th

Ed Walker, Marlene Millers, Vicki Caughlan, Beverley Webster exhibited at Boomalli's $300 a day event 4th - 8th June, 2014.  Congratulations to Bev whose works sold within 1 hour of opening.


May 15th

Robyn Caughlan and Artists will be exhibiting at Holroyd City Council Foyer for the month of August, 2014. Note your diary to come and see this wonderful exhibition.


May 13th

There is a great editorial about Robyn and the artists in Access News. To view it onlne, go to page 22 at


May 6th

"We are delighted that Robyn Caughlan Pty Ltd is acting on behalf of artists, introducing them into the Connection Friends Middle East Vitual Exhibition Series. The Artists will be showcased on big screens in the Peres Peace Centre, Tel Aviv Yatta and in Israel's most prestigious hotel, The King David Hotel, Jerusalem and many other venues."

Sharon Davson.

May 1st

We're excited to announce that this full-page advert will be published in the Western Sydney Business Access for May!


You can view it online at



To all the artists in the Robyn Caughlan Pty Ltd network for receiving an invitation to a Visual Exhibition "Connecting Friends" travelling through seven countries in the Middle East!


This exhibition is is directly connected to the highly publicised Pat Farmer Peace Run and was presented to the House of Representatives , Parliament House, Canberra on 23rd April, 2014.


Sharon Davson is a major sponsor and will be departing soon with the art for the Middle East.

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