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Rhiannon has been dabbling in the arts since she was young. Her first request was to do “Don Burke” for Jeans for Genes. She was commissioned to do a Mural by Arncliffe State School in collaboration with Robyn Caughlan. Rhiannon was selected to exhibit her work at the Penrith Show, Sydney in 2000 and the Olde Block Factory Gallery, Faulconbridge.


Rhiannon is also well known for modeling gowns in the fashion industry. She was asked to model extensively throughout the Sydney Olympics 2000, The Spirit Collection which was nationally publicised, an award winning gown for the Deadly Awards, Art for Hooker Hanger and Dreamtime Fashion Parade in Sydney. She is more inspired than ever to live her dreams through her art. Her next art project is to paint a cast foot for charity “Out On A Limb with Vicki Inc” to be auctioned.


Her works are exhibiting throughout the Middle East with "Connecting Friends with Pat Farmer's Peace Run".  Showcased on large screens in the Peres Peace Centre, Tel Aviv, Yaffa and in Israel's most prestigious Hotel, The King David Hotel, Jerusalem and many other venues. The exhibition was presented to the Prime Minister and House of Representatives, Canberra on 23rd April, 2014.

For more information about licensing Rhiannon's artworks, contact us.

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