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Sharon is one of the most valued living artists and the experience

of being associated with her is enriching and rewarding.


People interested in promoting a more harmonious and free world for all who inhabit our Earth have benefited from their relationship with her. Davson’s art has touched the hearts and minds of people in over 80 countries, and is represented in prominent international collections. Major survey exhibitions of Davson’s art have toured in 24 public art galleries across Australia, and a public arts museum honours her in its name, - the Davson Arts Museum peace and environment centre.


Davson’s exceptional art and charitable works have been embraced by world leaders from diverse fields and many countries, with her art being sought for both its own sake and for quality investment.


Sharon Davson AFDA DipT is an internationally successful and inspirational Australian artist, writer, art consultant, fashion designer and moving keynote speaker for major events, conferences, executive functions, workshops and cultural activities. For charitable groups Davson is a tireless worker, fundraiser and donor, an advocate for peace, our Earth and all its disadvantaged.


Click here to download Sharon's full bio. 

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